Hassle Management

Hassle Management - free for you to read
Hassle Management free to read

Hassle is only hassle when you make it hassle.

The first translation of 'Gedoemanagement' is done. Although 'gedoe' is a typical dutch word with rich meaning, we found that Hassle covers it pretty well ... I think we nailed it. And at the same time, this is not the final product.

We love to hear your feedback to make the whole concept more than ready for International use. If you do, you will get a copy of the final version when it is ready.

Free online version

To make it easy for you to start right away, we made a free online version of the book. This link will be available through the year.


A limited edition paperback is available on Managementboek.nl 

Enjoy and we look forward to your feedback.

With kind regards, Frank Schurink